the teapot

The Teapot

The Teapot

Immerse yourself in creativity and knowledge exchange with great people!

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Program Description

We all know that a splendid cup of tea can brighten our days and warm our hearts. At the Teapot, we believe that everyone has something to share, and something to learn. Just like tea leaves that need steeping and heat, we are hosting a monthly interactive hangout to infuse everyone’s talents and potential! And of course, there’ll be tons of tea!

Program Outline

Pre-Social Tea: Bring your own mug and help yourselves to some tea, or bring your own!

Ready or Not: De-stress and get your head in the game. Connect with others in a fun way through interactive activities.

Youth-Led Mini Workshops: Got a cool skill? Want to pass on that cool skill? Want to help others try something new? Try your hand in prepping a 5 to 10 minutes mini-workshop on just about any topic and delivering it at the Teapot! If you’re interested in sharing your wisdom, sign up to be a youth workshop facilitator!

Special Speaker: Listen to and chat with special guests about their life experiences, passions, and how they got to where they are. If you’re interested in sharing your wisdom, sign up to be a speaker!

Open Circle: Ask questions, make conversation, and hang out until next time.