Post-Panel Summer Workshops

Post-Panel Summer Workshops

Get ready for your next milestone by joining any one or all of our post-panel summer workshops!

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Connect with a group of like-minded peers.



Learn from passionate and understanding experts.



Build and strengthen your skill set and knowledge.

Featured Workshops

"Breathe in breath out" - A yoga workshop for youth {ACTIVE}

Thursday, June 8th, 2017 With Heather Skoll

Learn yoga tips and tools to take in to your daily life for when you need to get calm, get energized, or get focused.

Mastering Money: Everything you Need to Know for your Financial Future {Interactive}

Monday, July 17th with Janine Purves 

Be aware of key issues and learn strategies to ensure that you're on the right track to financial success as you embark on a new future!

How tech can affect your life & Career {Presentation}

Thursday, July 27th with Daniel Gauthier

Learn how to keep your personal life private online, and secure your computer better.  Learn how to look attractive to potential employers.

“Speak Up” Presenting your thoughts out loud {Interactive workshop}

Thursday, August 10th with Heather Skoll

Build confidence when you're speaking to different audiences. Learn tools to support your body, voice, & movements.


Start-up strategies for young entrepreneurs {Drop-in Session}

Thursday, August 17th with Tom Ross

Achieving your goals can be harder than expected. Drop by and we will evaluate your goals, and set an action plan to help you reach them.