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Thank you for your interest – our round of applications for November 2016 has closed. Please contact us to request for more information and check back for more opportunities!

Gap-Gen is always looking for youth from our community to join our development team and fulfil key roles! Here is a list of available positions

Youth Project Consultants (YPC) (Level 3)

Gap-Gen hosts many different projects tailored to youth needs, opinions, and feedback. YPCs will have the opportunity to work with our Gap-Gen mentors to research, plan, and execute projects by design.

Our GROW stream is looking for young people who are action-driven and are excited to help their peers learn through play and movement.

Our PREP stream is looking for young people who understand the unique complexities of growing up and are excited to help their peers access and develop new skills.

Our SHARE stream is looking for young people who believe that together, we’re better and are excited to connect their peers to a supportive community.

If you’re someone with a “can-do” attitude, creativity, and a strong sense of responsibility, this position is for you!

Youth Writer/Blogger (Level 1)

Got an opinion about issues impacting your generation?
Do you dream of seeing your name in a by-line?
Are you an avid writer, photographer, interviewer, researcher, or are interested in doing and/or learning more about any of those and more?

This position is for you!

We’re looking for a team of enthusiastic youth who can help us curate, generate, and create meaningful content catered to youth!

Note: Minimum of 1 blog piece (no specified length) submitted bi-monthly.

Social Media Team (Level 1/2)

Are you a social media whiz?
Are you on your phone all the time?

Join our social media team!

We’re looking for youth who are avid Tweeters, Facebook posters, and Instagram photographers to help us cultivate a massive (but classy) digital footprint!

Youth Facilitator – Teapot Program (Level 2/3)

We all know that a splendid cup of tea can brighten our days and warm our hearts. At the Teapot, we believe that everyone has something to share, and something to learn. Just like tea leaves that need steeping and heat, we are hosting a monthly interactive hangout to infuse everyone’s talents and potential! And of course, there’ll be tons of tea!

Got a cool skill? Want to pass on that cool skill?
Want to help others try something new?

Try your hand in prepping a 5 to 10 minutes mini-workshop on just about any topic and delivering it at the Teapot! If you’re interested in sharing your wisdom, sign up to be a youth workshop facilitator!

Community Liaison (Level 2/3)

Are you good at striking up conversations and getting to know other people?
Are you excited by what York Region has to offer?

Become a Gap-Gen Community Liaison!

We’re looking for youth who can establish and maintain functional partnerships with our community contacts in York Region! This includes opening the door to fundraising events and workshops.

Commitment Pledge Level What it entails
Level 1 Time: less than 3 hours per month
Must be a self-starter.
Level 2 Time: 3 to 5 hours per month
Level 3 Time: 5 to 8 hours per month
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