Alisha Martins; Life After High School Panelist

Alisha Martins, a panelist on our Life After High School event helps bring some of her internal wisdom to the table when speaking about her life’s struggles and how she’s reached where she is now. Although each one of the panelists don’t know each other, they still seem to say the same message and that is, Be You. Now to me and possibly to you, it sounds like every single piece of advice you’ve ever heard, could it be that its just the easiest thing to say when you don’t know what else to say? Or is there some truth to it? From what I’ve gotten from Alisha, there’s more to just those two words.

If you’re wondering about Alisha and why she’s the star of this piece we can start by letting you in to a little about her life. Alisha is a public relations specialist and loves writing, she currently works for ALS Canada (learn more at as a way to help others who suffer from ALS as her grandfather had. Working as one of his primary cargivers, Alisha got to experince his struggle first hand, which made her want to participate in ways to help. She interviews people who struggle with ALS and write aricles about their struggles in an effort to raise awareness. Alisha had attended Wilfrid Laurier University but stayed at home instead of living on residence, making her feel like she missed out on the “college life”. However, the money that was saved up helped her to see beyond that college life as she had chance to travel to Spain and France.

One of my favourite lessons that Alisha had told me about was when she worked in a chiropractic office as a secretary. Seeing this as an arbitrary story started to interest me more, but wasn’t the highlight of the story. She said that she in fact figured out that surrounding herself with people most like her helped to drown her insecurities out. Defying the so called saying that surrounding yourself with smart people will help make you smarter. It may help you gain insight and learn a few new words, but hanging out with people more like you, will help you learn more about yourself rather than things that may or may not even interest you, plus you can feel more included and feel like you have things to say.

In this case, “Be You” doesn’t mean just wear what you want instead of buying clothes you don’t like even though the popular kids are wearing it, but it means be you because you never know where it might take you. Like Alisha’s preference to stay home saved her the money to go travel and by being herself, it helped her go on a path to help people in ways big paying jobs can’t do. Be You, means seeing things the way you want to see them most.


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