5 Simple Things You Can Do To Be Productive During Summer Without Even Knowing It

Summer is one of those little times during the year where you finally uncover bliss through pure relaxation. However, it’s also one of the times during the year where you can lose so much learning experience. It’s one of those things you never stop doing, and in my opinion summer is the best time to learn about yourself and maybe even teach yourself something new. Here’s MY list of the top 5 ways to be the most productive during summer without forcing yourself to go to summer school, or even doing things you don’t feel like doing, because summer is summer after all.

#1  Make Your Own Breakfast

Instead of relying on that half empty box of corn flakes laying on top of the fridge, try thinking about something that you can take into your own hands. If you don’t usually have breakfast, try starting. It’ll begin your day on a positive note and learning how to cook breakfast or any meal for that matter is a crucial part of growing into adulthood.

#2 Meditate

Now, I’m not saying sit on a yoga mat in the basement cross-legged and half asleep- that takes practice. However, I find that staring at a screen right before bed doesn’t fully allow my brain to get the rest in needs, despite whatever the purpose of being on the phone or computer is. However, lying in bed flat on your back with your eyes closed and feeling every part of your body weaken into sleep is still a form of meditation. This not only enables a better sleep pattern but a stronger awareness of how our bodies feel.

#3 Do Something You Would Never See Yourself Doing

Dye your hair neon, make plans with someone you don’t know but for some reason don’t like, play squash, write a letter to your grandparents. Start a community club. There is probably a top 100 list of things we would never see ourselves doing, try doing one of them. You’ll feel like you’ve opened so many doors, and maybe even expanded your comfort zone in a new direction.


#4 Don’t Use Social Media For 24 Hours

This is one of the hardest things any teenager could possibly commit to, but it’s also one of the most important. Try doing something during those 24 hours that aren’t influenced by the food pics on Instagram or the places posted on Snapchat. You’ll find that so many of the things you do during the day influence your daily decisions or even commitments.


#5 Try Making A DIY Version Of (a favourite gift, first thing you see in the morning, something you really need from WalMart)

This is pretty self- explanatory. Just do something fun for yourself when its raining or just simply when you don’t want to go outside.

There you have it, the perfect list to kick- starting productivity into your summer routine! Something else that’s really good about reading this piece is that if you disagree, go make your own top 5 list for summer productivity…. see what I did there? If you agree, well go and bask in the glory of your new productive motivation!

Happy Summer!!



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