Community Garden Update

Community Garden Update

June 8th marked the very first Gap-Gen expedition to the community garden   in East Gwillimbury. It was a particularly sunny and dry day, despite having rained the day before, making for a surprisingly tough workout. Amidst a plethora of mosquitoes, the team was met with the beginnings of a garden and got to work immediately. Regardless of the heat, labour, and lack of healthy soil on the lot, progress was made towards creating a thriving garden and providing fruits and vegetables for those in need.

Previous Life After High School panelist and environmental entrepreneur, Tom Ross, had helped to work on clearing the land and setting up the groundwork for the lot, as well as gathering supplies needed.

On Saturday, Gap-Gen worked on gathering soil, positioning planters, and planting the trees and sprouts. Although there is much to be done with the garden, leafy greens, various herbs, and pear trees have been added to the once forested area.

Gap-Gen’s team is not the only group working on building the garden. Various youth and volunteers will be pitching in to bring the garden to life over this summer. As this was one of the very first visits to the garden, visible changes are minimal; however, we’re all looking forward to future visits to the garden. Having dealt with several obstacles during the trip, we can all safely conclude that gardening is not nearly as easy as it looks. With the needed combination of strength, patience, and heat tolerance, it’s a good thing that the community garden is a team effort. Stay tuned for more updates on the status of the garden as it begins to take shape.

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