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5 Simple Things You Can Do To Be Productive During Summer Without Even Knowing It

Summer is one of those little times during the year where you finally uncover bliss through pure relaxation. However, it’s also one of the times during the year where you can lose so much learning experience. It’s one of those things you never stop doing, and in my opinion summer is the best time to […]

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A Summer Poem That Will Make You Never Want To Stay Inside Ever Again

The heart of A perfect summer day Pumping joy into vessels of young love, the sun glows upon the frisky park With striking colors of green, lovers sit adoringly trying not to make a scene As the warm sun soaks into your skin

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Alisha Martins; Life After High School Panelist

Alisha Martins, a panelist on our Life After High School event helps bring some of her internal wisdom to the table when speaking about her life’s struggles and how she’s reached where she is now. Although each one of the panelists don’t know each other, they still seem to say the same message and that is, Be […]

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Curiouser And Curiouser; Fidget Spinners

Us as teens are drawn to the most trivial things that come out. Since the dawn of time, something that possibly drives this state of avidity isn’t envy, but its curiosity.   What’s my point? Transitioning from age to age isn’t fun. However, something that makes it worth our while, and always did were the […]

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Community Garden Update

Community Garden Update June 8th marked the very first Gap-Gen expedition to the community garden   in East Gwillimbury. It was a particularly sunny and dry day, despite having rained the day before, making for a surprisingly tough workout. Amidst a plethora of mosquitoes, the team was met with the beginnings of a garden and got to […]

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