Mindful Breathing: A Post-Panel Yoga Workshop Experience

On June 8, 2017, Gap-Gen held its very first post-panel summer workshop at Joy Tween Spa in Aurora. Heather Skoll, Creative Director of LifeNotes Wisdom  and a certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher facilitated “Breathe In Breathe Out”: A Yoga Workshop for
Youth. In this workshop, participants learned how to connect their mind and body through yoga to move towards inner peace.


Kripalu Yoga originated from Massachusetts, United States. The name “Kripalu” came from the guru named Swami Kripalanda, who incorporated breathing, flow, standard positions, and meditation into Kripalu Yoga. In Heather’s yoga workshop, we learned how deep relaxation can refresh our bodies and minds. One student who participated in the workshop claimed that her bones and limbs felt very heavy and relaxed when lying on the floor. The best thing about yoga is that lying down on your back and letting the floor support you can really help clear your thoughts out of your mind. Another student participant said that he felt energized after a period of deep relaxation. Mariette, Co-Founder of Gap-Gen, felt empowered as she experienced a “tingling sensation” on her fingertips and had a “Wonder Woman moment” when doing the warrior positions.


The participants and I were reminded of the importance of mindful breathing. As human beings, breathing is such a common thing to do that we often take it for granted. What most people don’t know is that there is so much breathing can do for us besides survival. Heather’s
yoga workshop was centered around the breathing aspect of Kripalu yoga, which gave us a lot of insight that can be applied to real-life situations. An experienced yoga participant claimed that just a few minutes of stretching and meditation can really change one’s entire mental state and attitude. Mariette added that it was really nice to have a reminder to just keep breathing and let our breathing control our body. When we experienced difficulty in some of the movements and start to panic or feel self-conscious, Heather’s emphasis on the words “breathe in” really reduced our anxiety.


For me, mindful breathing is about balance. As I was doing all these movements that required me to tighten my muscles and avoid falling, I was also trying to breathe calmly through these movements. We can apply this to real life where we have to face a lot of challenges as well as overwhelming situations. Therefore, no matter how stressful we get, always remember to calm down and breath, reset your attitude, and you will feel more balanced and peaceful on the inside while handling everything with deliberation.


Editor’s Notes:

  1. Don’t miss out on our FREE summer workshops! Check them out and register for them here: http://gap-gen.com/post-panel-summer-workshops/
  2. Gap-Gen would like to thank Heather Skoll of LifeNotes Wisdom Inc. and Joy Ryman-McCann of Joy Tween Spa for their generous support in sponsoring the “Breathe In, Breathe Out” Yoga Workshop!


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